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Simplified Cosmetic Registration for Cosmetics Imported at Pudong Shanghai
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In February 2017, China CFDA announced measures (trial) for simplifying registration management of non-special use cosmetics that are imported to China at Pudong of Shanghai. The trial is implemented from March 1 of 2017 to December 21 of 2018.


1. the China Responsible company for the imported cosmetics are registered at Pudong Shanghai.

2. the cosmetics are non-special use cosmetics.

3. the cosmetics are imported to China as first time.



1. After the required full dossier (application form, test reports, risk analysis reports, etc.) are submitted to Shanghai CFDA, a Record Number will be assigned right away and then the cosmetics can be imported at Pudong customs for marketing in whole China --- current practice is that the whole dossier shall pass the Expert Panel Evaluation Process of CFDA and get the approval issued by CFDA before the cosmetic products can be imported to China for marketing.

2. While Shanghai CFDA has the rights to order call back of the cosmetics if serious problems are found in evaluation of the full dossier which will be conducted within 3 months, or in follow-up supervision.


Benefits: the most obvious benefit is that the time that the cosmetics can be marketed in China market is shortened by 2~3 months ---- the time needed for Expert Panel Evaluation process of CFDA and for CFDA approval is saved.


The announcements and related documents can be downloaded at linkage below (Chinese only): www.randis.cn/html/hzp/view894.asp