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MEP Ceases Qualification of Eco-tox Labs
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MEP issued Notice on its website on December 29 of 2016 that MEP ceased the qualification to labs on eco-toxicity tests.


'Regulations on New Chemical Substance Environmental Protection' (MEP Order No. 17 and 7) rules that China labs conductiong eco-toxic tests for new chemical substance registration in China shall be recognized by MEP. MEP in the past years recognized totally 11 labs.


China State Council regards qualification of labs can be controled by market behavior and better be responsibility of industry organization/associations. Therefore, MEP decided to cease recognization/qualification of eco-toxicicity test labs. In the mean-time, MEP will enhance the qualitity check on received eco-toxicity test reports, will reject test reports which are not good enough. Actually, in the past months, MEP has already been much stricter on received test reports during assessment on new chemical substance registration dossiers.


The original Notice (Chinese) can be found at linkage below,